50 Cent is still going at Teairra Mari's neck for the money she owes him.

On Thursday night (April 28), Fif responded to a news article about Teairra Mari appearing in court for a debtor examination concerning the money she owes 50 Cent from losing a revenge porn lawsuit against the Queens, N.Y. rapper back in January of 2019.

"Young lady your going to learn to have respect for the legal system whether you like it or not," he captioned a screenshot of the article on Instagram. "Where is your friend [lawyer] lisa bloom now ! 🏃‍♀️💨she ran away and left you smh 😡you know you done fvcked up right ! I want Money by Monday."

As previously reported, Teairra Mari sued 50 Cent in May of 2018, for reposting explicit images of her on Instagram that were originally leaked by Mari's ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad. In January 2019, a judge sided with 50 and dismissed the case, ordering Mari to pay the rapper $30,618 in legal fees. The following month, Teairra Mari came out and said she would refuse to pay the debt and even released a 50 Cent diss track called "I Ain't Got It."

It then became a running joke for 50 Cent to publicly demand his bread from Mari on a regular basis and troll the singer at every turnTeairra Mari's refusal to pay up reportedly led to a judge adding additional fees to the point where she now owes the rapper $50,000.

In January, 50 Cent virtually pressed Teairra Mari for his coin after laying off the topic for a couple of years. “Remember this, Smh she better give me my money. before it start to feel like she went to college and her student loans catching up with her,” he captioned a photo of Mari on Instagram.

See 50 Cent's latest post about the Teairra Mari situation below.

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