When things get scary, especially around water, even seasoned boaters can forget what needs to be done. Just because you can swim and you're familiar with your surroundings, there are still all kinds of issues that can pop up in the blink of an eye, causing life-threatening situations.

It's important to remember that simple safety measures can make a big difference, especially in light of Yusef Khan's story. The 7 year old hero has been recognized by Morgan's Point Resort Fire Department for saving his family's life.

How A 7-Year Old Became A Hero

Yusef and his family were enjoying a boat ride on Lake Belton, something they had done many times. Yusef’s dad Ali Khan jumped in for a quick swim without wearing his life vest. After a few minutes, he decided to return to the boat, but couldn’t because the boat had drifted too far away.

He began to get tired, and his wife Beenish Khan panicked when she saw he was struggling to swim back to the boat. She didn't know how to drive the boat, so she decided to jump in with a life vest and try to bring him to safety. Beenish told Yusef to wait for her on the boat 'two minutes' while she went to get his dad.

However, it took 45 minutes for her and her husband to make it to the shore of the lake. Meanwhile, the boat with only Yusef and his sleeping baby sister continued to drift farther away on Lake Belton.

Fortunately, although Yusef was shaken and scared, he stayed calm and called 911. When the operator asked him if he knew what lake he was on, he told her no, but was able to describe his surroundings well enough for rescuers to find him and his sister. The 911 operator said that when Yusef's year-old sister woke up and started to cry, he calmed her down with the baby shark song.

This Story Has A Happy Ending

Yusef was awarded a medal by the Morgan’s Point Resort Fire Department for saving his family’s life and recognized as a hero. His mother said they have always tried to teach him what to do in case of an emergency, and it looks like he was listening!

We all need to be aware of steps to take in case of an emergency, and to teach even young children what they should do if something goes wrong in everyday situations.

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Tips To Stay Safe On The Water

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