I've lived in Texas all my life, and I have to say we really do have some of the best state souvenirs in the nation. So much to choose from - food, beverages, clothing, and of course, anything shaped like Texas itself.

Whether you or someone you know enjoy beer, wear belt buckles, like BBQ sauce, cowboy hats, or Texas-shaped items, there's just so many choices for Lone Star state lovers!

Since we are the second-largest state in the country, that gives you a great deal of options, depending on what you prefer in a souvenir.

What Kind of Gift Would You Like?

Trying to find a little something for a rodeo fan? Barbeque chef? Jewelry lover?

Personally, I like things I can eat. You can never go wrong with a food gift for me, but some people prefer things they can keep around as mementos.

You Could Also Gift a Texas Experience

There are so many museums, tourist attractions, and things to do just in the Central Texas area alone. You could stay busy for years trying to explore them all!

If the person you're buying for doesn't live too far away, it might be fun to buy tickets or passes for a Lone Star activity, or arrange a quick getaway to a unique Texas location.

The hardest part is only choosing one thing to remind someone of Texas.

After you take a look at this list, you might want to get something for yourself as well.

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