Valentine's day is around the corner, and Aeon Nail Spa wants to help you prepare by offering some incredible specials.

Okay so I did what I do best and procrastinated on getting ready for Valentine's Day. I'm also leaving on vacation on Saturday to head to Colorado! While the weather is still very cold, I have to look my absolute best this weekend.

Ladies, if you've been with your special someone for a while now and they didn't pop the big question last year, then this may be the time. For some reason guys tend to propose on holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years....and you guessed it, Valentine's Day.

You can't show off that ring without having your nails done. I literally know plenty of women who have told their guys not to even think of proposing unless they have their nails done and are looking their best.

Now of course true love isn't about the image, but let's admit it, we all want to look good for that special moment.

I'm heading out to Aeon Nail Spa today, located at 4001 E. Stan Schlueter in Killeen,  from 12-4 because they have some really amazing specials.

When you spend $50 or more in services, you will receive a $15 gift card for your next visit.

They're also offering specials on gift cards! If you purchase a $100 gift card you will receive an extra $10 gift card. When you buy a $200 gift card you will receive a $20 gift card as well.

These deals can't be beat so stop by and say, "Hello" today at Aeon Nail Spa in Killeen!

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