Theaters have been harder hit than most businesses during the ongoing pandemic, and our beloved Alamo Drafthouse has been no exception.

The Texas-based theater chain that excels at restoring odd and obscure movies (like this absolute gem) and hosting live events for cinephiles has filed for Chapter 11 as part of a sale to Altamont Capital Partners Fortress Investment Group.

The Company says that operations will continue as normal. The Chapter 11 process and sale will give it the capital it needs to continue operating as it emerges from the pandemic, during which many of its locations closed for months.

I have been to the Alamo Drafhouse for movie premiers or to watch a movie while having a meal, like at home but in a public setting. While food served to your seat a movie theater is common now (or was, before the pandemic), that wasn't always the case. Alamo Drafthouse was the first place many people experienced that service.

Sadly, the movie theater business is hurting badly due to the pandemic. As a kid, I remember it was a holiday tradition to go with the family to watch a movie during the break. Some people are still going to theaters, but many are opting to stay home and stream new releases instead.

Many theaters have adapted, though.

AMC, for instance, allows patrons to rent out a theater. According to the AMC website, you can rent out a theater for up to 20 guests for new movies at $149 plus tax, and for fan-favorite movies, it will be $99 plus tax.

Locally, the Beltonian Theatre also offers private theater rental, as does Cinergy out in Copperas Cove.

For most of us who do not have our own state-of-the-art private theater, it sounds like a good idea.

We've seen so many changes in our normal life, and I understand that sometimes you have to adapt to what's around you. I don't know if we will ever fully go back to our normal habits in the wake of the pandemic, but here's hoping our movie theaters can weather this storm.

There's something magical about seeing a movie in a proper theater, and places like the Alamo Drafthouse give movie lovers a place to go to share their passion for cinema and have fun.

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