Earlier today, we shared the story of a couple in Temple who were recently the victims of package theft. They released security footage of two people approaching their home, looking around, and stealing several Amazon packages in broad daylight. It's incredibly frustrating to see something like that happen, and it reminded us of a great, safe alternative to home delivery of Amazon packages that's available at four locations right here in Central Texas.

You can find Amazon Lockers at the following Sunoco locations in Temple and Killeen:

While these Sunoco locations are well lit, it's always wise to be careful and mindful of your surroundings when picking up packages. If you're going at night, take someone with you or speak to an employee inside and check in with them before you leave so they know you're ok.

If you're not familiar with Amazon Locker, here's how it works. When you check out, instead of choosing your home or office address for shipment, you choose the Amazon Locker option. Your items are them shipped to secure kiosks that can only be accessed with a unique code that will be sent to you once your package arrives.

I've used Amazon Locker twice, and it's incredibly easy and convenient. You just input your code on the touchscreen at the kiosk, and the door or doors containing your items will pop open. Yes - you can have multiple packages shipped to one locker location, and each one will be assigned a unique code.

Sure, it doesn't seem as convenient as having items shipped directly to your home or office. But if you're concerned that you won't be home or there won't be anyone to accept your items at the office when they arrive, Amazon Lockers are a fantastic option.

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