One lucky fan had a chance run-in with rap legend Andre 3000 in New York City this week—and by her account, he was just as happy with the interaction as she was. Twitter user Tiana says that 3K ended up taking pictures of her, because she was sporting a T-shirt that pictured the Outkast rapper in one of his iconic jumpsuits.

"Walking down a silent block in Soho - Andre 3k (my mf hero) walks out of a coffee shop as I’m passing," she wrote alongside the photo, and explained that her shirt had his image on it.

"He was acting just as hype as me, which maximized my level of happiness/excitement x10000. What a good day," she said.

The jumpsuit, of which Andre 3000 has many, was one he wore during Outkast's performance at the 2014 Lollapalooza festival and reads "Across cultures, darker people suffer most. Why?" Later that year, his custom jumpsuits were featured in an exhibition at Art Basel in Miami.

Despite his superstar status, Andre is known for being extremely low key—something Tiana definitely experienced during the brief encounter. "One of the most exciting parts about this moment was that he actually took two photos of me posing in the shirt," she said. "His energy was absolutely amazing though. I just wish I could explain the pause I took as he floated out of the damn coffee shop on this calm ass street lol."

Judging by the photo, Andre looks equally as excited, if not more, to have spotted himself on Tiana's t-shirt. Andre himself is sporting a tee that bears an iconic image of singer Anita Baker, a design idea he discussed last year with GQ Style.

It seems like a lot of folks happen to be running into 3K lately in NYC, who has stayed relatively quiet on the music front since dropping two loosie songs, "Look Ma No Hands" and  “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents),” back in May.

All we're saying is—we hope we run into Andre 3000 at a coffee shop one of these days. Check out the photo of 3K and Tiana below.

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