In the Stephen King movie “Pet Sematary”, animals come out of their graves on their own. At a pet cemetery in Michigan, they are being dug up by their owners. It isn’t a Frankenstein looking for body parts thing. It is a “the owner leased the land and her lease is now up” thing.

Quick question. WHO HAS PEOPLE BURY ANIMALS ON LAND THAT THEY DO NOT OWN?  The pet owners say they did not know the land at Heavenly Acres was leased and, had they known, they would have buried their pets elsewhere. They now have 9 specific days between today and November to exhume their pets.

This is the reason I am so glad that I live on 18 acres of land where I can bury my own pets. So far, I’ve buried Everest and Leo (my two 16 year old littermates that were born when I was in college), Weezer pig (a potbelly), Chickadee (a chicken) and my dogs: Queen, Zakk, Rebel, Little Mama, Dody, and Peabody Brown (the brown mound of sound hound). 10 animals I loved with all my heart.

I know that long after I am long gone, and my land is dug up, I'll probably be seen as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre dude's sister. I don't care.  I’m glad my loves are still at home.

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