Well, a bet is a bet. Last week, Arsenio Hall made a wager with Nelly on his late night show. If the Dodgers beat the St. Louis Cardinals (Nelly's hometown team) in the NCLS, Nelly would have to return to the show to perform 'Country Grammar.' If the Cardinals win, Hall would have to perform the same song while wearing a Cardinals jersey.

As many sports fans already know, the Cardinals didn't beat the Dodgers. They blew them out -- St. Louis' 9-0 victory means the team won the series 4-2. It also means Hall lost the bet, and last night he held up his end of the bargain.

The talk show host was introduced with some small taunting by Nelly, but still performed 'Country Grammar' wearing an Ozzie Smith Cardinals jersey. Smith is a Hall of Fame shortstop who played for St. Louis through the majority of his 18-year career.

'Country Grammar' was Nelly's debut hit single in 2000, which topped the Billboard Rap Songs Chart and peaked at No. 7 in the Hot 100.

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