Earlier this month, DJ MLK released a track called "4 Lit." The song originally featured B.o.B, T.I. and RaRa. B.o.B must have loved this record since he turned it into his new single, replacing RaRa with Ty Dolla Sign.'

The new anthem maintains the original contributions by B.o.B and T.I. That's for the best since T.I. dropped an entertaining verse.

"Hey, put that phone down and mind your fucking business girl/Hey, put some money up in here, so independent girl/But I’m just tryna put some diamonds in your pendant, get your titty fit/Presidential suites and private jets outside the city shit," T.I. raps.

The verse is a departure from T.I.'s sociopolitical content, which has been a priority in his recent music. The serious issues of the day are still on T.I.'s mind, including the upcoming election.

“It’s a very crazy election this year and probably one of the most chaotic I’ve ever seen—the most chaotic I’ve ever seen in my life,” T.I. told XXL. “It could be confusing ,but I would urge people to get out there and vote. Making no decision at all is unacceptable. If you can not decide which is absolutely the best thing for the country, try to think of what’s the absolute worst for the country. Then, just go against that. That is where you should begin your decision making process.”

Fans can be assured that T.I. won't be voting for Donald Trump. The Atlanta rapper has taken plenty of shots at the Republican candidate throughout the year.

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