Baylor University isn't messing around with students who don't follow the COVID requirements. Follow the rules kids, or else.

FOX 44 News reports that students could face suspension or expulsion for not following the requirements, policies and Executive Orders regarding COVID-19. This also includes off campus gatherings of 10 or more students.

Baylor University has released its interim COVID policies online, which includes face covering policies, testing, and self quarantining if needed. Baylor's goal is to provide students with a safe place to learn and achieve their education goals. The policies set forth are meant to help students stay safe while on the campus.

The policies are simple and easy to adapt to. The students who don't follow the policies could be putting other students, teachers, and themselves at risk.

The University is ready to take action for those who don't follow the policies.

If you plan to visit the campus, you'll be subject to the same rules. Obviously they can't take any academic action against a visitor, but they could ask you to leave. Be a courteous guest and make sure you follow the campus rules. Again, it's all about keeping people safe so these students can have the best possible school year despite the ongoing pandemic.

More details are expected to come, so keep an eye on Baylor's FAQ page.

Students at all academic levels face an extra challenging school year, so let's be sure we give them our support and do our part to help keep them safe and healthy while they do their part on campus.

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