Let us be thankful for these 40 and 45° weather days it could be much worse!

My hometown Chicago, for some odd reason gets colder than most places in the United States why?

I have no idea!

Reason number 472 why I am glad I moved to Texas they are experiencing record cold in Chicago for example:


The high today? -26 degrees!?!?

That’s the windchill horrible public schools are closed on top of that they have snow you know when your younger it's OK to go outside and play in the snow and throw snowballs at other people.

But once you get older and have to wake up early it really takes a toll on you not to mention you have to put plastic furniture in the street to mark your park for example:

You move that furniture and your ass is grass!!! LOL...

So let’s bask in this 40-50° weather all week, because face it we could be in Chicago right now LOL!

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