Being Shani Scott, most people like to believe that life is easy and everything is perfect in "Shani's World". That is so not the case. I have some of the same challenges and issues that you have. Recently, I found myself in a very tight spot and with some wiggling around to try to get to a comfortable spot, I realized what was most important to me.

I am a single mom doing the best I can to raise my daughters to be productive young ladies who add to their communities. At the same time I am a career woman who has more drive than a NASCAR race car. Tiring to find the perfect balance between the two can sometimes be challenging. My children live in one city and I work and live in another. Heart breaking for me and them. I know you probably say, "just find another job". See that's the thing, I don;t just have a job, I have a career that I love and realizing that is how I feel, confirmed that what I am doing right now at this moment is important to me.

While that was good, there is the issue of the girls. My girls are my life and I do everything for them. It breaks my heart when they call and say, "Mommie can you come home tonight?" and you know I get in my car and drive to them. That's a lot of wear and tear on me and my vehicle.

So last night was one of those nights. I drove to Dallas to be with my girls, however when I pulled up in the drive way, I was met by a disappointed 6 year-old because I forgot to get a poster board for her school project. So I go to the Dollar Tree to get all of the supplies, rush back home thinking I was going to get in the bed. Not the case, she was so excited about putting this project together.

Her theme :"We Grow 2gether" - Love makes everything grow, what she had to do is have us, her family, trace our hands and put us together on the board. It actually only took about an hour to complete and look of accomplishment and happiness on her face was priceless. In that moment the drive was worth it all because those little girls are what matters most to me. I love being a mom.

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