Bell County drivers can receive tickets for driving with expired paperwork starting April 14th!

Due to the pandemic, drivers in Bell County were exempt from receiving tickets for driving with expired titles, registrations, and disabled parking place cards for more than a year, but all of that is set to change in the coming weeks. 

Beginning Wednesday, April 14th, if you are pulled over with expired paperwork, chances are you'll receive a ticket. 

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According to KCENTV, residents are advised to visit the TX Department Of Motor Vehicles to schedule an appointment. There are several available time slots to get your paperwork up to date. 

If your registration paperwork did not expire during or after May 2020, you can renew online and by mail to save time.

Registration that expired before May 2020 must renew in person or by mail. If a vehicle inspection is over a year old, a new examination is required before a registration can be restored.

If you're not sure where to get your vehicle inspected, no worries. You can find a list of state approved inspection stations here. The process doesn't take long, and some places will let you remain in your vehicle and help them with the process if you're concerned about COVID-19 exposure. (Be sure to call the inspection station you plan to visit first to ask if they offer this service.)

Keep in mind that the Tx DMV doesn't issue or renew your driver's license or state ID card, so if either is expired or you need to apply for one, you'll need do to that with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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