April is STD Awareness Month, and The Bell County Public Health District released a report that should alarm you if you out here umm..... (for a PG1- version of what I really want to say) having unprotected sex.

I personally think this is nasty AF.

The report says that Gonorrhea infection among Bell County residents ranks second in the state of Texas, with Chlamydia ranking third.

These numbers are higher than HOUSTON, DALLAS AND SAN ANTONIO!

The report also indicates that the Health District is working with leaders to reduce these numbers through education.

I personally think this is sad.

After all the commercials on TV and radio, the billboards, and reminders over the years to have safe sex, this is still going on?

Whether you are too young to remember the story of how Eazy- E died from having full blown AIDS from having unprotected sex with multiple people, or when NBA star Magic Johnson announced he was HIV positive, to most recently currently actor Charlie Sheen announcing he was positive, the importance of safe sex needs to be pounded in people's heads.

Now, while these celebrity cases aren't as extreme as what's being reported in the Bell County Health District's report, in any of the reported cases the risk of getting another STD or worse due to not protecting yourselves is the same.

It's up to the parent to educate their children about the consequences.

If you know better, you do better!


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