Adam Berry
Adam Berry

Belton police are asking residents to help fight crime.

Are you a resident of Belton with a security camera? If so, the police are asking you to join  the Neighborhood Video Partners Program, where business owners or home owners register their security cameras to help with police investigations.

Registering with the program doesn't give Belton PD direct access to your system. It just means that if a crime is committed in your area, they'll know they can contact you for security footage that might help in them identify suspects, track vehicles, or find clues that could help solve a crime.

So far about 100 people have joined the program, which was created in 2017.

With things changing and technology taking over, this is the new plan of action to ensure vandalism, burglaries, theft, property destruction, and any other common crime is kept to a minimum.

Join the new age neighborhood watch. If you're interested in getting registered, visit the Neighborhood Video registration page.

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