If you are a Texas dog owner, you may want to pay attention to this story.

FOX 44 reports that Sarah Elizabeth Baize of Gatesville was recently arrested after her pitbull bit an eight-year-old and a 69-year-old woman.
Back in April, an outstanding warrant was issued to pick up Diablo, her brown pitbull mix
for a previous biting incident. Back in June, the same dog bit 2 other people.
The dog reportedly did some pretty bad damage to the woman and the child, causing lacerations and punctures.
However, the child was never taken into a medical facility to be tested or treated after the bite.
The dog's owner, Sarah Baize, was arrested for abandoning or endangering a child with reckless criminal negligence.
Please let this be an example to take control of your dog. Know their temperament and keep them in an appropriate environment so that they're not a danger to other people or themselves. You are responsible for your animal and their behavior.
If you have one that's really aggressive enough to bite strangers, maybe you should take the steps to contain your dog or it could be you wearing stripes posing for a headshot in jail.



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