Twitter is a platform that gives artists the opportunity to reach out to fans in a way they never could in the pre-social media era. At the same time it gives people a chance to go IN on entertainers when they don't necessarily agree with something an artist has posted. OutKast's Big Boi felt some backlash after posting a meme about motherhood that ruffled some people's feathers on Twitter.

Yesterday afternoon (May 29), Big posted a meme that showed Florida Evans from the show Good Times on one side and a random twerker on the other. The caption reads, "Mothers In the 70s," over the picture of Evans, and "Mothers Now" over the twerker. At the bottom are the words, "And we act like we don't know what's wrong with these kids."

Shortly after he posted the meme, Twitter users started going in. "The mothers on the right were raised by the mothers on the left. So where is this going, Bbz?," one person responded.

"It's just cute to me how big Boi thinks moms back in the day weren't busting it open. How you think you got here? By faith?," another added.

It didn't stop there. Even men started calling out the "Roses" rapper. "Ironic that Big Boi posted this. Cuz he was married and had a stripper pole in his basement," one man added to convo.

Are people overreacting? Or did Big overstep his boundaries?

Check out the tweets, below.

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