We're less than two months away from the return of 4th of July festivities in Belton!

I'm pretty sure the public is anxious to get out and enjoy the parade, seeing as

the COVID-19 pandemic rained on it last year.

There are already plans to bring back the best and biggest parade in Central Texas, along with the rodeo, the Downtown Street PartyFestival on Nolan Creek, and even Mutton Bustin'!

Sign up for Mutton Bustin is June 15th from 6-6:45 pm at the Belton Area Chamber Of Commerce, 412 E Central Ave. Kids ages 4-7 are welcome after a parent or guardian fills out a registration form.

Belton's 4th of July Celebration kicks off with the Downtown Street Party on June 26th. You're invited to take the street and enjoy the outside concerts in Downtown Belton at their Street Party, then bring the family out to enjoy the PRCA Rodeo at the Bell County Expo July 1-3rd.

The actual parade is July 3rd in Belton, while the Nolan Festival occurs that night at Yettie Polk Park.

Why July 3? Check your calendar. July 4 is on a Sunday this year, so it just makes sense to have the big celebration events on Saturday to give people who won't have Monday off a day to recover. (If you don't need a day to recover after celebrating July 4th, did you do it right?)

The worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, and Central Texans are eager to get out and celebrate Independence Day again. Belton is one of the most popular spots to celebrate in Central Texas, so definitely plan ahead to be there.

Check out Belton's 4th of July Celebration's Facebook Page for more information.

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