Birdman has made some firm proclamations for both Drake and YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

During the Cash Money Records CEO's appearance on The Big Facts podcast, which premiered on YouTube on Tuesday (Sept. 21), Baby affirmed that not only will Drake, who was once signed to Young Money Entertainment—a subsidiary of Cash Money—be the richest rapper, but NBA YoungBoy will surpass his peers to be the biggest rhymer.

"I told Drake he was a living legend the day I met him," the New Orleans-bred music executive-rapper began. "He was like, 'For real?' The first day I met him and played his music, ’cause [Lil] Wayne played it for me. I'm like, 'This nigga a legend.' And when I met him, we shot the video in Miami. I said, 'Bruh, you a living legend.' He said, 'For real?'

"Drake is like a different type of nigga: very smart, business minded like a muthafucka. I'm wearing his shit right now. Nocta with Nike, come on man. Ain't none of these niggas got Nike shit, Nike clothes, Nike shoes. Come on, bruh. He's real business. He's one nigga that I'll say would be like, one of the richest rappers, ever."

In addition to Drake's Nike collection Nocta, the 6 God has also collaborated with the Canada Goose jacket company and Jordan brand.

On YoungBoy Never Broke Again, who has been in jail since March, Birdman continued: "I think NBA YoungBoy might be the biggest rapper. I said that five years ago. Ain't no nigga gon' be bigger than NBA YoungBoy. Numbers, numbers don't lie. He's the biggest YouTube artist right now in the world and he's behind a wall. But I'm just saying, when that little boy gets his mind right, and he comes from under this bullshit and understands who he is...’Cause, you know, [Young Thug] and all them, they up in age. They 30. This nigga 20."

Baby went on to say that personal growth can come from NBA's current legal situation.

"Put a nigga behind a wall, they become smarter," he explained. "They ain't making him nothing, but a monster. So when he comes out here, he'll know one thing, the shit he was doing, he ain't go to do because he can get this little nigga here, bruh...NBA YoungBoy, that shit ain't normal. Nah, he not normal. He's special. Big money right there, brother. I think he's a billion dollar nigga. I tell him that. I talk to him everyday. He calls me everyday. Bruh, he's a billion dollar nigga in [the] flesh. He's gon' get it in touring, merching, music. We can't do nothing about it. It's just people accepting him. He's one of them."

NBA YoungBoy is currently behind bars at the St. Martin Parish Correctional Center in St. Martinville, La. after he was taken into federal custody in Los Angeles six months ago following a warrant issued for his arrest out of Baton Rouge, La.—his hometown—in connection to his arrest on multiple drug charges in September of 2020.

In April, a judge revoked the rapper's bond and ordered him to remain behind bars until his trial. NBA's trial date is unclear.

Check out Birdman's interview below. He begins speaking on Drake around the 37:49-mark and NBA YoungBoy near the 38:26-mark.

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