Over the last day or so, BlocBoy JB has documented his own personal Euro trip as he's tweeted from places like Italy in Germany. Unfortunately, though, it looks as though he ran into some trouble by the time he hit up Germany. In a video he uploaded to his Instagram story earlier today (Nov. 8), JB can be seen cursing out members of the German police after alleging that they'd put hands on him.

"Put your hands on me again," the 2018 XXL Freshman says in an aggressive tone. The officer in the video then takes a look at JB and realizes he is recording.

From there, the German officer seemingly responds to BlocBoy by shouting, "Fuck you" before BlocBoy returns the favor. "I'm watching you nigga, fuck you too!"

Addressing the issue further, the "Shoot" dance creator shared a message on his Instagram story regarding his unpleasant experience. "If You Ah Police Officer Do Your Job Please Don't Be On All Dat Extra Tuff Shit Cuz Ahh Nigga Can Get Wit Dat Same Shit #Facts," he wrote.

BlocBoy's troubling video arrives a week after he unloaded his Don't Think That mixtape. The seven-track project features guest appearances from Lil Uzi Vert and HoodRich Pablo Juan.

Watch the video of BlocBoy JB's encounter with the German police below. XXL has reached out to BlocBoy JB's team for comment on this matter.

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