There has been relatively no new updates regarding the current health of Bobbi Kristina Brown, who remains on life support. However, her father, Bobby Brown, may have revealed that his daughter is on the mend.

During a concert performance at the Verizon Theater on Saturday (April 18) in Grand Prairie, Texas, the veteran singer told the crowd that “Bobbi is awake. She’s watching me.”

It’s unclear what Brown actually meant with his comments. It could good news or just wishful thinking on his part. The 22-year-old singer has been on life support since she was hospitalize after being found submerged face-down in a bathtub on Jan 31.

Last week, Brown made his first public appearance since his daughter’s hospitalization. During his performance at the Soul Food Festival in Los Angeles, he thanked the crowd for their love and support.

“I wanna thank all of y’all for coming out tonight, for supporting me and my family,” he said. “Rough times are rough times. Hard times are hard times. I don’t know what the hell I’m going through right now, but I’m giving it to God and letting him deal with it.”

Reps for Bobby Brown had no comment on the matter.

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