Since his release from prison in February of this year, it looks like Bobby Shmurda’s sex life has been in overdrive. Apparently, the Brooklyn rapper’s bedroom activity is so crazy, he’s now saying that he needs sex therapy.

On Sunday (Nov. 28), Bobby hopped on his Twitter account to reveal that he may need professional help for his increased sexual activities. “I need sexx therapy #Baddd,” he tweeted with a pleading face emoji. “I need to be stopped lol frfr tho on the set.”

There’s no word yet if Bobby plans on seeking a sex therapist or not.

Bobby is not shy about showing off his sexual prowess. Back in October, the 27-year-old artist went on his Instagram Live and offered his male followers some sex tips on how they should be moving their hips in the bedroom with their partners.

“I’m not trying to be an asshole about it, but I’m saying, you niggas need some WD-40 or some shit, bro,” he instructed. “Like I don’t know, you muthafuckas too stiff. The girls are complaining, bro. You gotta whine out...You gotta hit all angles.”

The "Hot N***a" rhymer then proceeded with some sensual hip gyrations, which raised some eyebrows from fans on social media. Nevertheless, it’s probably the reason he’s getting so much attention from the ladies.

When it comes to what happens behind closed doors, Bobby could probably heed the advice of Kevin Gates and refrain from having an orgasm during sex. In an October interview on Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, the Baton Rouge, La. native revealed that he doesn’t ejaculate when he’s with his partner in the bedroom.

“Another thing I was telling you that’s really healing to your body and it’s going to sound crazy but it's semen retention, not releasing no semen,” Gates told the podcasters.

Gates clarified that men should still have sex, but they shouldn't ejaculate in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. “Your intention should be to please your partner,” he explained. “And don’t release no semen.”

Either way, let’s hope Bobby Shmurda gets the therapeutic help he's looking for.

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