Is Boosie BadAzz looking to get political? Probably not, but he's just used his Instagram account to jokingly touch on that possibility.

On Tuesday night (March 31), Boosie BadAzz posted a faux-presidential campaign ad featuring himself onto his Instagram account. The ad sees Boosie wearing a suit while standing behind a sign that reads, "Boosie for president 2024."

"ITS OFFICIAL IM RUNNING 2024,  just talk to my people," he captioned the faux ad.

While Boosie's never jumped into politics, the 37-year-old has advocated for Black people to receive reparations for slavery. Back in February, the Baton Rouge, La. rapper uploaded an Instagram post in which he discusses the idea.

"I was just watching a show about Blacks n Black business n what they went through," Boosie wrote at the time. "Bra our people deserve money like the dam Indians get."

Boosie's political joke arrives just days after he said that the folks at Instagram warned him about continuing to have naked women appear during his Instagram Live sessions.

"Instagram just DM'd me! Told me stop my actions," Boosie said during his recent live session. "I ain't stopping shit... because we on Quarantine. Fuck! Can't leave the fucking house, everybody's fucked up. Talking about stop your actions. Leave my Live then, fuck. I don't give a fuck mayne. I'm showing the world a good time. Every time I try to show the world a good time they just try and take it from me."

The folks at Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, have yet to publicly speak on the matter.

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