It's 2021, and it's time to get the booties, right ladies?

Everyone knows the beginning of a new year signifies new goals and challenges to embark upon. With last year being one like no other, some of us have put on a few happy pounds or lost some pounds and are looking to change it.

If you are anything like me and love a good group workout with other dedicated women, I have the perfect class for you: Booty Boot Camp.

Booty Boot Camp is a lower-body focused workout with the use of resistance bands being offered by I-Train University. The high-intensity movements and active recovery will get you right for summer 2021.

The best part about the class is that it's hosted on the weekend, so it may be much easier to work into your busy schedule.

If you sign up, be prepared to experience a workout like no other with the littest boot camp in the CenTex every Saturday.

Visit Booty Boot Camp to reserve your spot. The workouts are held at I-Train University, 1001 E Veterans Memorial Blvd #401 in Killeen.

New Year fitness goals can be the most difficult for us to keep for a number of reasons, but if you find a workout that's actually fun AND works into your schedule, that can go a long way toward helping you stay on track.

Whatever your fitness or other goals this year, we know you can reach them. Believe in yourself and think about how great you'll feel looking back at a year of personal success.



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