Another day, another service!

Today marks day 14 of the Boss Project "25 Days of Kindness," and I have to say it was one of my favorite acts thus far.

I've always been a big animal lover and the Boss Project wouldn't be half way complete if I didn't make my way to a Humane Society. So today I stopped by Centex Humane Society where I took home some valuable information to share with you guys!

First let me start by saying I almost went home with a car full of dogs lol thats how cute they were!

It's no secret that when you picture a humane society you think of battered and bruised animals that may require a lot more attention and care then normal... It's so sad to see so many animals that are healthy but homeless! The general purpose of a Humane Society is to provide hands-on care for animals that are abandoned. The majority of the animals are healthy but in need of a safe place to call home!

Would you like to adopt a pet?


Check out the selection by visiting Pet Harbor! This website allows you to view photos of the animals that are housed at the Humane Society. The website gets updated hourly with new animals.

Don't think you can afford to adopt a pet?

The Centex Humane Society makes adopting the perfect pet easy and affordable with the "Paws for the Cause" Low Income Voucher Program. The program allows for you to only pay $10 to spay/neuter a cat and/or dog. Yeah, thats a major deal!

Take a look at some of the animals I met today..

Who can ignore those cute faces?

If you have some free time stop by the Centex Humane Society located in Temple, TX.

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