It's the end of the week and time to rap up  the lounge with the hottest question of the week.

Usually its never had to pick the hottest question because we all know the CenTex loves ratchet but this week we have several questions that caused debates and crazy social media notifications.

Check out this weeks hot ones!


Do you allow your friends to discipline your kids?

Listen if you're my friend I WILL discpline your kid regardless of what you say! It takes a village.

Who was your favorite Martin character? Mine was Gina and Shanaynay!

A man gives his baby mama $600 for back to school supplies for his kid.. the mom decides to split the money on all 3 of her kids instead of spending on their one child. The man was upset he felt like it wasn’t his responsibility to take care of the other two.

Whose side would you take in this situation? I believe that the mother did what she was suppose to do but she should have communicated with the child's father.

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