A woman on Reddit shared that she asked her step sister to be her wedding photographer so she wouldn't have to put her in her wedding party.

"I have a step-sister I'm not fond of. When our parents got married her mom convinced her that we were sisters. Since she was my father's affair partner and was partly responsible for my parent's divorce I couldn't care less what she has to say," the bride-to-be, whose wedding takes place this summer, wrote in a since-deleted Reddit post.

"Her kid is not my sister. I have two sisters. They are older than me and were out of the house when everything went down," she continued, explaining that instead of putting her step sister in her bridal party, she asked her to take photos.

"I asked her to take candid pictures of the day. My step mom is happy that her daughter is part of the day. I get the wedding party I want. And my step sister is happy taking pictures. Win-win-win," she wrote.

Unfortunately, her dad, who is paying about 20 percent of the cost of the wedding, is upset.

When he asked her if she was "planning on inviting" her step sister to be in the wedding party, she told him no and "he said it would be nice of me to include her," she recalled. Now, her father is "mad" and "disappointed" that she didn't "plan on including his wife's daughter" in her wedding party.

However, the bride-to-be believes she "did plenty" to include her step sister, including "paying her for the day."

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In the comments, Reddit users rallied behind the bride, telling her she can do what she wants on her special day.

"If he is so disappointed in you, definitely explain that disappointment goes both ways and he needs to take a cold, hard look in the mirror and shut his cheating trap. Your wedding, your choice," one person wrote.

"Cheating dad is the [a--hole] & has absolutely no right to say anything! You don’t get to blow up your family & then try to guilt trip/scold your daughter for being justifiably selfish about her wedding & who is/isn’t involved," another commented.

"Your dad needs to get over it because if women were able to work it out and be happy then damn, a man should be good with that," someone else weighed in.

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