We're in for a weekend of gut busting hilarity when legendary funnyman Bruce Bruce takes the stage at Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen, Texas March 4-6.

Bruce Bruce Is Coming to Killeen

I couldn’t be more excited to write about this Atlanta native who really started the move for young urban comedians in the South. He's Bruce Church AKA the always funny, extremely humble, and of course, famous Bruce Bruce.

Bruce Bruce's résumé is so expansive that there's no way you haven't at least heart of him. He’s been in plenty of movies, mentioned in thousands of rap songs, and has hosted an old-school comic view and new school view as well.


You Have to See Him Live

I saw this gentleman perform in Houston many years ago, and there was not one person in the audience who didn’t have tears in their eyes from all the laughter! Bruce Bruce is a comedian who you instantly feel a connection with, like a funny brother or uncle of the family. If you have never seen Bruce Bruce perform on TV or just maybe at a comedy lounge doing his famous stand-up, you have truly missed out and you want to be a part of the experience when he is here this weekend at the Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge.

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Bruce Bruce will be live at the Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge from March 4 until March 6. If you’re needing to get out of the house, and aren't exactly sure what you wanna do this weekend, this is the perfect place to be! Don’t meet me there, beat me there! We deserve to laugh and I am almost certain that Bruce Bruce will deliver that!

Check out the Twice As Funny website for ticket info.


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