As Bryan ISD prepares for a new school year they are making changes to their handbook.

The 2021/2022 school year is vastly approaching. In a few weeks, our social media timeline will be filled with back-to-school photos and parents happily sending their children off in the morning. As districts all over prepare for a successful year; changes are being made, especially for Bryan ISD.

On Aug 2nd, the Board of Trustees approved changes to their 2021-2022 Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook. According to KXXV, the board approved changing pronouns in the district's documents from he or she to nouns. The district wants to create a ''manual type of language,' and in doing so the district plans to utilize the word 'Student'.

During this meeting other changes were approved such as high school students being allowed to have 'unnatural hair colors, middle schoolers no longer being allowed to wear athletic shorts and the biggest change of all is the board approving new grading guidelines for social studies and redefining the district's definition of bullying.

As districts all over the CTX continue to prepare for a new school year I'm sure changes will occur. Continue to check here for updates.



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