Buc'ee's wanted to grace other states with some southern bliss, but it seems at least one state wasn't ready.

According to a report from Texas Monthly, the folks of Efland in Orange County, North Carolina vehemently opposed the construction of the Texas travel staple.

Buc'ees is more than just your average convenience store. It's basically what you could call a Texas sized convenience store. Here in Temple, we enjoy our very own Buc'ees store filled with treats, BBQ, and the absolute cleanest restrooms.

I know several people who actually have their weekly date night at Buc'ees! That's how crucial Buc'ees is here. Plus they have the cutest farm décor. I need every item that has anything pig related because it's just so darn CUTE!

Now, I've always thought that people from North Carolina must be pretty OK due to the fact that my favorite artist hails from Fayetteville, NC. Boy, was I wrong.

The people of Efland actually formed their own group called "A Voice 4 Efland & Orange", whose sole purpose was to bring down the upcoming Buc'ees project. Apparently our ideas of good southern living just don't match up.

“A lot of it goes to the identity of this county, and that’s not a massive eighty-foot bucktooth beaver sign with billboards saying ‘LOL, It’s Party Time.’ It’s quite frankly tacky,” Voice 4 Efland member Del Ward, who lives less than two miles from the site, told Texas Monthly.

Tacky? Wow, such a low blow!

Buc'ees backed down to appease the group, but not without letting their voice be heard.

“Unfortunately, Orange County Commissioners were not receptive to 200 jobs with starting pay of $15 per hour and full benefits, more than $1 million in direct tax revenue, and multiple services that would create additional jobs, tax revenue and benefit a sector of the community that has been historically underserved,” Buc-ee’s said in a statement to Indyweek.

Buc'ees has plans to find another spot in North Carolina, but the town of Efland seriously missed something great. What can I say? Haters gonna hate.

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