So-called "bulletproof" backpacks have been available for a few years now if customers knew where to look. In 2019, they are becoming far more common and are now available on the shelves of many major stores like OfficeMax in Dallas. With students heading back to school in the next few weeks, these backpacks are getting even more attention.

Jobin Panicker with WFAA in Dallas shared the story in the video above which shows a field test of the backpacks made by Guard Dog. The company offers the Pro-Shield Smart backpack which claims a Level III-A protection and tested against a .44 Magnum and a 9mm with no bullet penetration shown in the pack after the test. The backpacks retail for around $175.


Watching the field test of the backpacks is rather un-nerving as NRA instructor targets the backpack with various types of firearms. They shot a .45 caliber from just 21 feet away. While the items in the backpack are full of bullet holes, the rounds never do penetrate the back of the pack. The backpack also stopped rounds from a .44 magnum, although it kinda looks like it was run over by a truck afterward. It did, however, stop the bullets.

The backpack kinda meets its match when the instructor aims with an AR-15 with .223 caliber bullets. This weapon tore up the backpack something awful. Guard Dog does not claim that the backpack can stand up to the AR-15 though.

Considering if your student has access to their backpack throughout the school day is another thing to think about. If the event of a school shooting is the backpack going to be within reach of the student? If I was a student who had some walking to do to and from school each day through a sketchy area I might be even more interested.

While this back to school item is certainly an expensive one, parents in this day and age at least have the option of researching products like this when considering student safety.

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