Word on the street is Bush's Chicken is dropping a new chicken sandwich!

Before I go into details about the new tasty chicken sandwich that Bush's Chicken is blessing us with, I want to remind you that I will not tolerate the madness we experienced a few months ago when Popeyes had everyone running around like a chicken with it's head cuff off. Please keep it cute this time around.

Let's talk chicken...

Beginning in October, customers everywhere will have the opportunity to experience a new chicken sandwich that's guaranteed to have you waiting in a long line. The new Bushbaby's Chicken Sandwich is coming our way, and it features a special sauce.

Earlier this year, the franchise released the Bushbaby Sauce in honor of founder Keith Bush's late wife Charlene, who created the sauce from scratch just before losing her battle with cancer.

According to KWTX, the launch of the Bushbaby Sauce went so well they created a sandwich.

The Bushbaby's Chicken sandwich features two of their infamous chicken tenders placed on King's Hawaiian Bun with pickles, and the latest sauce drizzled on top.

Doesn't that sound bomb?

The countdown is real at this point. The Bushbaby's Chicken sandwich will be available at all locations starting October 1st, so put it in your calendar.

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