Joanna and Ron McMurry of Jasper, Texas are not your typical ranchers. Their ranch has horses and donkeys, but it also has zebras and camels.

In a story from The Eagle one of the McMurry's ranch hands noticed that Sybil a 7-year-old camel had a limp. Not sure of what was wrong they took Sybil to the local vet for an x-ray, with no issues found they loaded the humpback into a trailer to Texas A&M Universities Large Animal Hospital.

The Aggie vets had a large enough x-ray for Sybil and they discovered that her hip had been dislocated from her pelvis. Surgery for such a large animal is extremely difficult and the team was doubtful of Sybil and her unborn calf's survival.

The University deals with several camels a year, but this surgery was particularly difficult. However, the team was able to perform a successful surgery and Sybil has returned home after a couple of months of rehab.

Sybil is reunited with her sister Nadia. She is now free to roam around her 90-acre farm. Do Camels prance or even trot? I've only seen them stand around and walk slowly in Geico commercials.

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