Lone Star Mopars is hosting a car wash this Sunday in Harker Heights to benefit Rory Paul, a 3 year old battling brain cancer.

Car Wash for a Cause

KXXV Channel 25 reports that Lone Star Mopars is organizing the car wash with the money raised going to help Rory's family make the trip to St. Jude’s Hospital.

Rory's mom, Ashley Manwiller, tells channel 25 “Beginning of May, we took him for the MRI and found out he had a very large tumor that was covering a good portion and down inside his brain stem. The spinal fluid couldn’t drain properly so that would build up and pressure which is extremely dangerous.” 

Little Fighter

That condition is called hydrocephalus.

Doctors removed the tumor, but it keeps growing back, which makes Rory's future look rough. As tough as it is, Rory's family does not focus on the negative. Manwiller says, “Through all the scarring you got a look at the bright things and to me the right thing, Roy is three he has no idea what’s happening. He just wants to get up and play with trucks and cars."

Inspiring Generosity

Their story reached those at Lone Star Mopars, who held a truck show for him and are now organizing the car wash to help raise the funds for Rory and his family.

Ashley Noe with Lone Star Mopars tells Channel 25, “I felt like something I was led to being pulled towards that family. They were signs. I feel like they were signs from God that we need to help his family.” 

Lone Star Mopars is taking the lead in organizing the car wash which is being held this Sunday, August 15 from 1-4pm at Lift Kingz in Harker Heights. If you need a car wash this weekend and are willing to help a great cause, make the trip to Harker Heights.

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