Cardi Is making moves even in a pandemic.

It's been a minute since we've had Cardi B on our TV screens, but she's back with her own social media series. From now through February 4th, every Thursday will be dedicated to Cardi B and her trying something new.

This new series entitled 'Cardi Tries ___' is apart of Facebook and Instagram's new 'Watch Together' feature, which allows users to watch series in a group on Messenger and Instagram DM's.

'Cardi Tries ___' will give fans an inside look at her stepping outside of her comfort zone, be it stunt car driving, ballet dancing, being a chef, becoming a professional basketball player, and more. She will be joined in every episode by experts in each field.

Make sure you check it out it's executive produced by her as well.

Get that money, Cardi!


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