Cardi B, Cardi B, Cardi B!!!

Yup, she's just as crazy as she appears to be on television!

Of course, the CTX showed up and showed out to welcome Cardi B to Club Tabu.

Check out some footage of the show below...

 (Footage by @

(Footage by Rico Harrison)

Did you watch it all?

Soooo here's my opinion on the concert.

As always the team InYaFace Ent + OneShotPro + Club Tabu + DJ Himshawty + MC Patna & MC Nino did their thing! They kept the crowd hyped and entertainer so big ups to them for that.

When it comes to Cardi B I can honestly say I expected more from her on the artist standpoint!

Cardi has 2 mixtapes and if her plan was to really give a concert I would have loved to see her perform more than the measly few that she did! She's a beautiful girl and her energy was there but she could have done more!



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