Jelly Belly is exploring the land of edible marijuana products. David Klien is the man who invented the Jelly Belly brand back in 1976. He left the company in 1980 but has stayed busy in the candy industry for the last few decades.

Klien's latest project is with a new company he calls Spectrum Confections. It's a line of jelly beans infused with CBD. The extract is not intoxicating and helps with the treatment of various medical issues like epileptic seizures, inflammation, and anxiety according to WebMD.

Klein wondered if anyone was making a CBD infused jelly bean. When he could not find any he started Spectrum Confections. Klein's new company now offers some 38 different flavors of CBD jelly beans featuring flavors like toasted marshmallow, strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon, mango and more!

The CBD jelly beans are available in sugar-free and sour versions.

News 10 reports each bean comes with about 10mg of CBD.

As we come up on the biggest jelly bean holiday of the year, Spectrum Confections is listed as temporarily sold out of the CBD beans. More will be available soon.


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