At the start of every summer, we ask Central Texans to show us pics of their dad's ugly, rusty, nasty, broken down nightmare of a grill for a chance to win a new one.

Sometimes I worry that we won't get many replies. I mean, we've seen real monsters, and it's many more are really out there? Have we already seen the worst of the worst?

Well, that was stinkin' thinkin' on my part. Of course there's no shortage of worn-out grills, because Texans are grill addicts who fix things as long as they can before reluctantly throwing them out to get something new. Heck no, there'll never be a shortage of well-loved grills that are covered in rust and being held together with scraps and wire.

There may be a certain charm to an old, reliable grill that's fed countless family, friends, and neighbors, but after a while you have to sit dad down and say, "Look, we know you love your old grill, but it's an ecological disaster waiting to happen and we need to talk about getting you a new one."

It's not an easy talk to have, but if you know a dad clinging to a grill handing on by a strand of rust, don't wait. Talk to him about it today.

Anyway, we've once again received a bunch of pics of grills that are hangin' in there, but really need to be retired.

We've thrown some of the worst offenders in the gallery below. If you think you can beat any of these, you still have a couple of days to prove it by submitting a pic here. You could win your dad a new grill, plus an Amazon Echo Show and gift cards from our awesome sponsors.

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Every June, we ask you to show us pics of your dad's rusted old nasty nightmare of a grill for a chance to win a new one on us. It's called 'King of the Grill', and this year we saw some real clunkers!

Texans love grilling, and we're the sort of people to fix things as often as possible for years before we replace them. It's just practical, and we're not wasteful folks.

That combination of grillin' and grit leads to Texans holding on to ugly, rusty, nasty grills for years because hey, you can still cook on 'em!

Here are some of the grill pics you sent us this year, including our winner!

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