Let me guess - you love eating breakfast but feel like there's not enough options for you to choose from. I knew it. Enter Wendy's. Yep, Wendy's.

Wendy's has stormed into the Central Texas breakfast scene with what they're calling "America's favorite breakfast *they just don't know it yet." They even guarantee that it'll be your new favorite breakfast.

That's a bold guarantee.

Croissants, Biscuits, Classics and Coffee served up Wendy's style here in Central Texas. Here's a link to the new Wendy's Breakfast Menu.

I'm a simple person. Abacon egg and cheese biscuit should do me fine. Add a vanilla latte and I'll be set till lunch. Maybe we should do a "battle of the breakfast sandwich" and see who is tops. We have so many choices now in the market, it'll be fun to see who wins. But first, I need to get over to Wendy's and try theirs. Let me know if you try it and how you like it.

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