It's graduation season, and we want to showcase your graduating Senior!

Graduating Seniors are finishing their high school chapter and opening a new chapter into adulthood. This year, like last, has been far from easy with the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing. Nevertheless, your Senior pushed on and will be receiving their high school diploma.

Instead of paying for a small feature in your local newspaper, we'll do it for absolutely free here at TSM.

We want to shine a spotlight on your Senior and honor them by allowing you to submit a photo and a few sentences about your Senior and their accomplishments.

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Here's how you can submit a photo into our Class of 2021 Senior Shout-Outs:

  1. Download our free mobile app in your app store.
  2. Upload a photo of your graduating Senior into our Mobile App by clicking "Submit Photo/Video." (Watermarked photos will not be posted due to copyright.)
  3. Write a short shout-out/congratulatory message to your Senior. For example, write a few sentences about your Senior's achievements, and what their plans are after school.
  4. Click Submit

We'll compile a gallery of Senior shout-outs on our website so that all of Central Texas can congratulate and recognize your Senior. Plus, you may even hear your Senior shout-out read on the air by your favorite DJ!

Submissions will be accepted until midnight on June 12th.

For a full list of Central Texas graduation ceremonies in the area, click here.

Congratulations to all the graduating Seniors in Central Texas from everyone here at Townsquare Media Killeen-Temple.

Central Texas 2021 Graduating Seniors

Showcase of Senior Shout-outs to our graduating Seniors here in Central Texas.

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