It's not really that dirty compared to some other states. Good grief, what the hell were they thinking?


Estately put together a list of the lewdest sounding town names in each state. For Texas, it was Kinkler. Located off Interstate 10 between Houston and San Antonio, it is now the lewdest town in the state. Somehow it beat out Ding Dong, Texas. But really, it's not even close to some of the others.

For fun, you could move to Beaver City, Nebraska. Do they have a city ordnance to keep all lawns trim and neat? If you're wondering what their high school mascot is, it's not what you think. Turns out it's a bearcat. That's right, the folks in Beaver City even shave the hair off their pussy cats. Sorry if I'm being a little hard on the beaver, but I'm sure it's nothing they haven't already heard a billion times before.

Other "winners" in the lewd name contest include Rough & Ready, California; Hooker, Oklahoma; Cooter, Missouri; Spread Eagle, Wisconsin;. Dick, Michigan; and, finally, Intercourse, Pennsylvania. (WTF Pennsylvania?)

Oh, wait, here come Sugar Tit, South Carolina and Blue Ball Village, Maryland. Type in "Things to do in Blue Ball Village" and see what you get, if you dare.

But the winner, I feel, comes from Idaho. Welcome to Dickshooter.

It was named after the first guy who set up a homestead there. His name was (drum roll) Dick Shooter. According to Facebook, there is nothing to do in Dickshooter. Well, you could go fishing in Dickshooter Creek, or sheep hunting on Dickshooter Ridge. But in the end, you might just want to come to Climax, North Carolina. I hear it's very satisfying. But don't come prematurely. That is to say, right away. Take your time and enjoy the journey.



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