The Thanksgiving tradition of football continues, and here are your records and facts for the teams featured in today's games.

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According to Wikipedia, The Thanksgiving tradition of Detroit hosting a Thanksgiving day game began in 1945, with Dallas being awarded a hosting spot on Thanksgiving in 1966.  Except for a few random years, when other teams besides Detroit and Dallas were allowed to be the host team for Thanksgiving, Detroit and Dallas have hosted the overwhelming majority of Thanksgiving Day games. In 2006, a third prime time Thanksgiving evening game was created with the NFL deciding the match up of the two best TV audience drawing teams.

Now that you know how the tradition began, here are your match ups for today's games:

11:30 am - Chicago (5-6) @ Detroit (7-4) - Chicago leads series 96-67-5. Last meeting was November 10, 2013, Detroit won 21-19. Chicago is on a 2 game winning streak while Detroit is on a 2 game losing streak. Detroit is 2-0 while Chicago is 1-2 against teams within their division, and Detroit is also 4-1 at home while Chicago is 3-3 on the road. This is the 16th meeting on Thanksgiving (Chicago leads 8-7) last meeting was in 1999, Detroit won 21-17.

Thanksgiving Day Records: Chicago 16-14-2, Detroit 34-38-2.



Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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3:30 pm - Philadelphia (8-3) @ Dallas (8-3) - Dallas leads series 62-48. Last meeting was December 29, 2013, Philadelphia won 24-22. Both teams are 3-2 in their last 5 games. Philadelphia is 2-0 while Dallas is 2-1 against teams within their division, and Dallas is 3-3 at home while Philadelphia is 2-3 on the road. This is only their second meeting on Thanksgiving, last meeting was in 1989, Philadelphia won 27-0.

Thanksgiving Day Records: Philadelphia 5-0, Dallas 29-16-1.



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7:30 pm - Seattle (7-4) @ San Francisco (7-4) - Seattle leads series 16-15. Last meeting was on January 19, 2014 in the 2013 NFC Championship game, Seattle won 23-17. Seattle is 4-1 while San Francisco is 3-2 in their last 5 games. San Francisco is 1-2 while Seattle is 1-1 against teams within their division, and San Francisco is 3-2 at home while Seattle is 2-3 on the road. This is the first meeting of these two teams on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day Records: Seattle 1-2, San Francisco 2-1-1

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