Chris Brown was almost in trouble with the law yet again. What happened this time?!

Turns out, not all that much -- and Breezy was actually pretty sweet.

The 'Fine China' singer, who's grappling with "racist D.A.s" and yet another sentence of community labor (which is less fun than service), wasn't actually up to no good ... his volume was just up a little too high. We bet Brown's longtime attorney, Mark Geragos, was pretty relieved that everything was taken care of without any problems, because they have enough on their plates as it is: the star already served a day in jail for a hit-and-run case and is getting sued over his parking lot brawl with Frank Ocean!

TMZ reports that Brown's neighbors called police to complain about the noise coming from his home around 3AM on Wednesday (Aug. 27). What noise was it? Brown and his pals were simply talking too loudly outside.

Authorities say that Brown was incredibly kind and cooperative about the incident and immediately ushered his guests inside to quiet down.

We're glad Brown kept cool, calm and collected -- and we bet Mark Geragos is too. (And we bet his neighbors are just happy he was chatty and not painting monsters again.) Keep up the good work, Breezy!

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