Chris Brown is facing a lawsuit filed by his former housekeeper in regards to the singer's dog biting her face.

According to a report from TMZ on Tuesday (June 6), Chris' housekeeper has accused the R&B singer's dog, a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka named Hades, of attacking her last December while she worked at Chris' home in Tarzana, Calif.

The woman, who is reportedly listed in her lawsuit as Jane Doe, claims that she was emptying out the trash when the large dog appeared and began biting into her skin, allegedly "ripping chunks of flesh off her face, arms and body" and leaving her bloodied.

Apparently, the sister of the housekeeper filed a separate lawsuit against Chris Brown back in April because the singer's dog allegedly mauled her sibling, the unnamed woman.

Nonetheless, the alleged victim also claims that although Chris was home at the time of the reported attack, neither Chris nor anyone else who was at the home at the time came to the housekeeper's aid.

The woman went on to allege that once the attack was over, she was left to lay in a pool of her own blood. When Chris Brown came, he advised his people to grab the dog and leave the scene before paramedics and police arrived. Medical assistance got to the home shortly after and rushed the housekeeper to the hospital.

She additionally claims that when law enforcement attempted to figure out what actually happened, Chris was "evasive and misleading," telling police he didn't know what happened or who took his dog.

In the unnamed woman's lawsuit, she reportedly claims that she later found out the singer's dog, Hades, was euthanized by the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office Animal Shelter after the shelter considered the dog to be a danger.

The shelter is located in McKinleyville, Calif. in Northern California, which is about 10 hours away from where Chris Brown lives. It's unclear why the dog was at that particular animal shelter.

The housekeeper adds that she underwent surgery to save her life and that the injuries she sustained from the alleged dog attack scarred her. The woman's husband is also suing for "loss of the ability to have the love and companionship of his wife."

This latest Chris Brown news comes weeks after the Slime & B artist was accused of battery after allegedly smacking a woman's weave out of her head.

XXL has reached out to the LAPD and a rep for Chris Brown for a comment on this matter.

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