The power of prayer really works. Chris Brown prayed hard for a way out of the Philippines Thursday (July 23), and the gods above heard his cries. After spending several days trapped in Manila because of a contract dispute stemming from a missed performance last year, CB was granted his wish to leave the country.

Eric Apolinario, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, told CNN that the 26-year-old R&B heartthrob was allowed to leave the country and was on his way to Hong Kong Friday (Juy 24)  after being held captive for several days.

To further strengthen Apolinario's statement, Brown posted a video on Instagram to confirm his departure. "Manila, it was fun. I love y'all man," he said in the video.

Earlier this week, the Philippine government refused to let him leave the country following his show because of a contract dispute dating back to last year. In 2014, Brown was slated to perform on New Year's Eve in the Philippines, but because he lost his passport the day before, he cancelled the trip altogether.

Despite being entangled in this web of confusion, Brown vehemently tweeted his innocence before being released Friday. "This is a very serious situation and someone needs to be held accountable for mixing my name up in all this," Brown tweeted. "I've done nothing wrong!!!" The subsequent tweet revealed his reasoning for returning to the Philippines in the first place.

"I have nothing to do with anything going on right now," he wrote. "I came back to Manila to do a make up show for New Years."

Brown later deleted both tweets before exiting the country.

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