When Chris Brown is not making ladies swoon, he is hard at work with his new apparel line for his lifestyle brand Mechanical Dummy. The entrepreneurial crooner recently unveiled his new line of activewear from his budding clothing entity.

Last week, Brown went on his Twitter feed to introduced some of the new items that’s coming to MD. In one tweet, the singer posted a sketch of a “Black Pyramid” hoodie that featured a design of a hairy man wearing a diaper with three boobies as eyeballs. WTF? Looking at the photo, we can probably guess that Brown is not creating your typical clothing line.

“All the apparel will come in tshirts, hoodies, crews! More on the way!” wrote Breezy about his, um, unique collection. He also added, “Windbreakers available this weekend! Sweatpants coming soon!” His new line of clothes follows behind his earlier release of Mechanical Dummy T-shirts and beanie hats. They come in array of colors and sizes for both men and women.

Besides the clothes, Brown is also selling his weird-looking miniature astronaut toys called Dum English, which he released back in May. Revenue from the sales of those figurines will go to the singer’s Symphonic Love foundation, which provides funding for arts programs geared towards children.

It’s good to see Brown expand his creativity to other ventures. Hopefully, the clothing line will keep him busy and out of trouble now that he has a lawsuit pending against him for his infamous tiff with Drake.

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