Big news for Heritage Park in Belton, as the City has been given a $750,000 grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission for improvements.

The Belton City Council approved a master plan for the 84 acre addition to Heritage Park last fall after the purchase of Leon Valley Golf Course in 2018. On Thursday, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved a grant for the city to help cover the cost of additions and improvements.

The state funds will go towards the first phase of those improvements, which will include
a new roadway, a concrete trail, pavilion renovations, a dog park, a floating dock, a kayak launch, landscaping, and retention ponds.

According to the press release, Belton Mayor Marion Grayson says,

“This is what we hoped for when we purchased the parkland. The development of this new area of Heritage Park is going to benefit generations of families.”

Future plans for Heritage Park would include multipurpose recreational fields, restrooms, concessions, and an amphitheater.

Heritage Park is currently home to the Jace Jefferson Baseball Complex, as well as other athletic fields, a fishing deck, BBQ grills, playgrounds, pavilions, and gazebos. It's already a beautiful place to spend time with your family, and this expansion looks like it'll make the park bigger and better for Beltonians and everyone in Central Texas.

Heritage Park Expansion Map 1
Heritage Park Expansion Map 2
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