Take a look at the upper left-hand corner of the new mural at George's Resturant in Waco. Something is missing.

That cloudy looking square is covering up the city of Waco logo which will need to be removed from the new mural according to a story shared by Chris Shadrock, Julie Hayes, and Rissa Shaw with our partners over at KWTX News 10. 

This good looking group of Georges was drawn up by students at Baylor as a banner for the original George's Resturant at 1925 Speight Avenue in Waco. The artwork was done by Bradi Zapata, Britian Scago, and David Humphrey. As you can see, the characters on the sign represent George Strait, George Foreman, George Lopez, George Washington, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush.

This Waco mainstay began under the name 'Harry Bs' back in the 1930s according to News 10. It was changed to George's in 1966 after it was purchased by George Betros. It is currently owned by Sammy Citrano who took over in 1993.

Owner Sammy says his favorite George on the mural is George W because he spent 8 year's catering for the President at the Crawford Ranch. Sammy has visited the White House and been on board Air Force One. Sammy and George W still work together with the Wounded Warrior Project.

So, why is there a big square in the corner of the mural? Well, the students included the flying W for the city of Waco in the upper right corner of the design without necessarily getting the proper permission from the city. Waco has asked that the logo be removed in fairness so that it doesn't seem the restaurant got special treatment or some kind of endorsement over other establishments down the street. Waco spokesman Larry Holze says the W has been a trademarked logo through the State of Texas going back to 1992.

Organizers will soon find something to paint over the logo with. In the meantime, they plan to cover up the logo until it can be replaced.

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