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Any aerobic activity which you can do 3-5 times a week for at least 20 minutes will help you burn calories. As long as you are expending more calories than you are consuming on a regular and consistent basis, then the fat/weight will come off. You should also consider weight training because the more lean-muscle tissue you have, the easier and quicker it is for your body to burn calories.

Water is a key component in any weight loss plan. A basic rule of thumb is to drink 8-10, 8 fl. oz. glasses of water each day. Many people will need more water depending on their diet plans, body weight and activity levels.

Here are a few healthy tips to help you get ready for summer!
It's time to get fit in time for summer. Focus on a healthy balance of food, activity, and most importantly, fun! Indulge without overindulging. By implementing a few of these simple tips you can get fit and stay healthy for summer.

  • Bring your own healthy dish to summer parties and barbecues.
  • Plan time for exercise. Exercise helps relieve stress and prevent weight gain!
  • Supply your body with the right pre & post-workout nutrition and you will see incredible results!
  • Remember ladies, protein is not just important for guys. It is an essential part of any weight loss plan as it helps boost metabolism and create lean (not bulky) muscle. The more lean muscle we have… the more fat our body will burn!
  • Four simple steps: Hydration, Supplements, Balanced Diet, and Exercise.


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